Sunday, November 1, 2009

By Bill U. Piker

It's a sad fact of life that in 2009 / 2010 few are thorough. Whether it is employers seeking to hire a job candidate or for that matter most of us, we are just so overworked to be complete in our jobs and endeavors. In most cases we "just do not have the time".

Its not only in the workplace does "cheating" occur. It is almost endemic in the university and college circuits as well. Everyone wants to "get ahead". Marks and educational documentation and record means everything. And after all "everyone is doing it".

Tales abound . One young and foolish manager filled a position quickly due to a reference from an applicant's priest and spiritual leader. It seemed that this young initiate behaved and dressed most inappropriately at a major international sales and planning meeting. The manager later tried to explain away his rapid decision making by stating that " he had needed to fill the roster for the upcoming event". After all his team had to be no smaller than any of his other managers at his executive status level. It seemed in later followup and analysis that the reference from the applicant's priest had not been verified and checked. When the verification process was done , at a much later date, it seemed that the reference from the priest was that overall the candidate lacked maturity in most intellectual forms. The sad part is that in the heat of all this activity that the real incompetent in this matter was not the candidate but rather the management level decision makers who went on not only to bury their errors, but went well up the corporate ladder. It seems that those who cannot do simple tasks in a thorough manner often travel up high in management and corporate circles states Ashdown scholar William U. Simpson.

What can be done? First take the time and effort to effectively write and develop clear and appropriate "selection criteria". That is over half of the ballet. Secondly review resumes thoroughly. Not only once but even by a team in the Human Resources Department. Different people with different can catch inconsistencies in a more expounded manner.

Examine resumes that are inbound thoroughly and fully. On a cursory level initially scan and look for career development trends. Are there logical career moves overall? Does a clear pattern emerge? What of skills and qualifications do they match job titles and descriptions? Or are the job titles and descriptions overstated in any manner or way?

It's always a matter of simple verification of employers, references and credentials. In this electronic era of simple communications, this is fairly easy and straightforward, Phone, email or fax stated parties to verify references, documentation as well educational records.

In the end it can be said that thoroughness and inquiry in the hiring process can go a long way to saving time , expended effort and ultimately profitability to any business firm and its departments. Its an exercise well worth its effort and expenditure in time and money and resources.

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